The Department

The Department of Administrative Science and Technology of the University of Patras was founded in 2019 (Law 4610/19 art. 36) and began its operation in the academic year 2019-2020. The department is based in Patras and is part of the School of Economics and Business Administration.

The Mission

The Department’s mission is education and research in the areas of Administrative Science related to modern technologies and organizational studies, emphasizing the use of quantitative methods, IT and communications in decision-making, in the formulation of business strategy and in the reorganization of business activities. The increasing role that new technologies play today in the development and operation of enterprises, the requirement for electronic interconnection of the activities of modern units, the need for organizational transformation of enterprises and the pressure exerted by international competition significantly differentiate knowledge and skills that the executives of companies and organizations must have. The Department of Administrative Science and Technology aims at preparing executives of this category, which is why the emphasis of the study program is on the interdisciplinary integration of administrative and technological disciplines.

In this context, the study program of the Department includes modules that are part of:

In Business Decision Making, Business Planning and financial analysis of financial and business metrics.

In this section the relationships between structure, conduct and performance of open business systems are identified and assessed. The emphasis on Quantitative Methods of Management and analysis where the quantitative approaches to the relationships that have been arranged in the previous section are developed and applied.

In Information and Communication Systems and Computer Science

Approaches are studied based on which they tend to form an integrated platform that, based on operational data, will provide administrative management, immediate decision-making and the definition of a long-term strategy for the business. This effort is based on the excellent performance of new IT and telecommunications technologies and integration with new business concepts and data.