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See here the full DEPARTMENT STUDY GUIDE [edition 1-6-2022]
Undergraduate Program in “Administrative Science and Technology” (Bachelor, 4 years of study)
The Department offers the following directions:
A) Making Business Decisions
B) Information Systems

The department’s curriculum is divided into the courses of the first (A’) study cycle or core courses, which include the courses of the first four semesters and are common to all students, and the courses of the second study cycle. The second (B’) study cycle starts from the fifth semester of studies and concerns two specializations (directions): a) BUSINESS DECISION MAKING and b) INFORMATION SYSTEMS.

The student is obliged in the 5th semester to choose one of the two specializations. In case a student wants to change specialization, he can do so until the 7th semester. With the change of specialization, the courses that he had successfully completed from the previous specialization and are not offered in the new specialization appear on his record without being counted towards the degree.

“Foreign Language” and “Foreign Language Terminology” are compulsory courses that have a weighting factor of 0, so they do not count towards the degree grade, but their successful attendance and examination is necessary to obtain a degree. Exceptionally, the student can be exempted from the first exam if he has a certified knowledge of English level C1 (very good knowledge) and can be exempted from both if he has a certified knowledge of English level C2 (excellent knowledge) .

All courses of the 1st and 2nd Cycle of Studies (compulsory and elective) correspond to 5 credit units (ECTS) each with a Weighting Factor of 2 except for the foreign language courses which have a Weighting Factor of 0 and all have a duration of one semester. They are taught by lectures, or lectures and workshops. The division of semester courses into semesters is mandatory for students.

In the Academic Year 2019-20120 entrants, 46 scientific area courses (Core and Specialization) and 2 foreign language courses are required to obtain a degree.
Courses in the scientific area are divided into compulsory and elective courses. Out of the total of 48 scientific area courses required to obtain a degree, 36 are compulsory and 12 are optional.

To obtain the degree, students are required to achieve a total of at least 240 ECTS and 30 ECTS per semester distributed as follows:
– For the 1st cycle of studies (Core Courses) they must be successfully examined in the 24 compulsory courses as defined in the curriculum.
-For the 2nd cycle of studies, a successful examination is required, for the BUSINESS DECISION MAKING Direction, in 12 mandatory specialization courses, and in 12 elective courses from the total of 20 courses offered. For the INFORMATION SYSTEMS Direction, a successful examination in 12 compulsory specialization courses and 12 elective courses out of the total of 20 courses offered is required.

Certificate of Pedagogical and Teaching Proficiency for graduates of the Department

The Study Program of the DET Department leads to the receipt of the Certificate of Pedagogical and Teaching Proficiency in accordance with law 3848/2010 and decision 192/29.9.21 of the extraordinary meeting of the Senate of the University of Patras.
Specifically, as provided by the provisions of article 2 paragraph 3 paragraph a’ of Law 3848/2010, as amended by article 36 paragraph 22 paragraph a’ of Law 4186/2013, article 111 of Law. 4547/2018 and article 20 of Law 4559/2018 Pedagogical and Teaching proficiency is mandatory and is certified by the possession of a degree from the A.E.I. department, the curriculum of which ensures the necessary theoretical training and practical training and the graduates of which have the special formal qualifications for appointment to primary or secondary education in accordance with the applicable provisions.
The courses that are necessary to obtain the pedagogic and teaching proficiency are:

* Electronic Learning – Didactic

* Distance Learning Systems

and one of the two major courses below:

* Educational Evaluation (MST_702_9) or

* Social education policy (MST_801_7)

After a reasoned application of the interested student (concerns students who are from the first year of study to the fourth year and not degree students) to the Secretariat of the Department, it is possible to review with the aim of improving the score (previous grade). Re-examination is allowed during the September re-examination for one (1) course of the fall semester and/or one (1) course of the spring semester of the same academic year only.
4th year students can prepare a Bachelor’s Thesis, which corresponds to 10 ECTS and replaces two (2) elective courses, one elective course of the 7th semester and one elective course of the 8th semester. The student who chooses “Graduate Thesis” in the 7th semester must choose the same course in the 8th semester. The student who is interested in preparing a “Graduate Thesis” upon registration in the 7th semester and after consultation with a faculty member of the Department decide the title of the degree