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The Department of Administrative Science and Technology supports research in the fields of interest of the faculty members who belong to its force through the support of doctoral research.

Those interested in conducting doctoral research in the department are invited to contact the respective faculty member who suggests the scientific field of their interest. The process of evaluating PhD candidates is continuous.

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The proposed scientific fields for the preparation of a doctoral thesis, based on the research interests of the faculty members of the department, are the following:

Antonopoulou Sotiria (Hera)

Mathematical Logic, Combinatorial, Theory of Algorithms, Cryptography and Security of Information Systems, Protection of Individual Privacy in the Information Society, Programming & its Applications in various fields of knowledge such as business and education.

Garbis Aristogiannis, Professor

  • Educational Data Mining – Artificial Intelligence – Machine Learning
  • Information technology
  • Educational technology
  • Interactive Information Systems

Mitropoulos Ioannis, Professor
Decision-making with the application of modern management tools and quantitative methodologies for the evaluation of efficiency, quality, planning – organization and operation of services, the distribution and location of facilities, as well as the construction of statistical models concerning satisfaction, demand – utilization and quality parameters.

Vassiliadis Vasilios, Associate Professor

  • Digital Governance and Digital Transformation
  • Digital learning environments and advanced digital technologies with application in education
  • Modern training techniques and methodologies and flexible and lifelong learning pathways and programs using digital technologies
  • Ambient Intelligence

Pierrakeas Christos, Associate Professor

  • Educational technology, Applications of new ICT technologies in education,
  • Applications of innovative technologies in education (e-learning systems, tools, techniques, methodologies, applications in MOOCs, STEM / STEM education, etc.)
  • Development of Digital Competencies (tools, techniques, methodologies, applications)
  • User modeling and Learning analytics

Gatomatis Panagiotis, Assistant Professor

  • The use of new technologies in Marketing 4.0
  • The use of blockchain in the development of marketing strategies
  • Development of consumer behavior models
  • Development of marketing strategy models in e-business.

Georgiadou Niki, Assistant Professor

  • Individual labor relations
  • Constitutional labor law
  • Educational Law
  • Civil service law
  • IT and Internet Law
  • Privacy
  • Digital Governance

Ioanna Giannouko, Assistant Professor

  • Sustainable development,
  • Tourism,
  • development strategies,
  • Internationalization strategies,
  • Innovation,
  • Knowledge management,
  • Entrepreneurship

Constantinos Yiotopoulos, Assistant Professor

Information Systems, Service Oriented Information Systems, Applications of Information Systems, Big Data Management, Data Science and Applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (Data Science and Applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence), Digital Ecosystems and Digital Transformation for the Public Sector, Digital Ecosystems, Services and Applications based on blockchain technology (Digital Ecosystems, Services and Applications based on blockchain technology).

Thanasas Georgios, Assistant Professor

  • Cost Accounting,
  • Managerial accounting,
  • Public Sector Accounting,
  • Control and Corporate Governance
  • Digital Accounting and Environmental Accounting

Bakalis Aristides, Assistant Professor

  • Algorithms,
  • Data structures,
  • Databases
  • EBusiness.

Dimitris Papadopoulos, Assistant Professor

  • Applications of computational methods
  • Artificial Neural Networks,
  • Numerical methods – numerical analysis

Rigou Maria, Assistant Professor

  • Digital marketing (recommendation techniques)
  • GUI design and data visualization
  • Usability evaluation and eye tracking
  • Accessibility of web and mobile apps
  • Machine learning
  • IoT applications

Stefani Antonia, Assistant Professor

  • Software Quality Assurance
  • Electronic Business and applications (mobile commerce, IoT Commerce)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Advanced human-machine interface systems